Cologne / Mainz / Leipzig / Unterföhring (dpa) – First a ZDF themed evening, then an RTL “Help Day” and also the ARD and Sat.1 will run special campaigns for flood victims in Germany in the next days . According to their own statements, the big TV channels are raising millions of euros for those affected.

Media group RTL reported on Thursday that their “Help Day” Wednesday from 6:00 am to after midnight impressively underscored viewers’ willingness to donate across all channels.

“More than 5.1 million euros for those affected and 13.34 million viewers affected”, summed up the chairman of the management of the media group as well as the president of the association “Stiftung RTL – We help children “, Bernd Reichart.

On Tuesday, the ZDF had already launched an appeal for donations during a themed evening with the report “ZDFzeit: Mourning, Destruction, Help”. As a result, more than 20 million euros have been received by the Disaster Relief Action Alliance, we learned in Mainz.

ARD is planning a charity day a good week after the catastrophic flooding of Friday July 23. The radio waves call for donations throughout the day with “Aktion Deutschland hilft”. In the evening after the “Tagesschau”, Erste and WDR television broadcast the program “We hold together”. Ingo Zamperoni in Cologne and Sarah von Neuburg in Leipzig will host the evening. Interviews with those concerned and appearances by stars such as Roland Kaiser, Herbert Grönemeyer, Sarah Connor and Peter Maffay are planned.

Sat.1 has a celebrity fundraising gala on its schedule on Saturday (July 24, 8:15 p.m.). In favor of the alliance of German humanitarian organizations, according to the broadcaster, at the gala “Germany helps – The Sat.1 donation gala”, for example, Hella von Sinnen, Annemarie and Wayne Carpendale, Hardy Krüger Jr. , Matthias Opdenhövel and Mickie Krause on the phone. The moderator is Daniel Boschmann.

Presenter and actor Thore Schölermann (36) is also on duty for Sat.1. According to the announcement, he was already helping Ahrweiler this week. “The pictures we all see on television are bad, but everything looks even worse on the spot. The faces of despair, the victims no longer know where to attack first, ”he cited. “Plus that smell of a mixture of diesel and droppings everywhere.”

Money is the most important thing right now, Schölermann stressed, so people can buy everything again later. “Those affected often only stood in front of the house in their pajamas because they were dragged out of bed at night when the water came in. You have nothing left except your clothes. “