Selectmen look to study White Horse Beach parking options…again

The Board of Selectmen agreed to form a new White Horse Beach Parking Committee at its meeting Tuesday night.

This one will be smaller, quicker and more narrowly focused than the last.

“We’re still battling this issue,” said Selectman Betty Cavacco, who proposed the new committee. She suggested limiting the committee to five members and having it come back with its findings in two months.

“It’s been said we didn’t do most of the things from the report, which isn’t true,” Arrighi said. She said of the 12 proposals the original committee made, seven had been acted on and only two rejected. The others were topics the new committee could study further, including implementing resident parking stickers, shuttles from other parking lots in the area, purchasing lots for parking and allowing homeowners to charge for parking.

According to Arrighi, some of the items the town did act upon were improved signage, changes to traffic rules to allow more parking on Taylor Avenue, higher fines and better enforcement. The only ones turned down involved allowing angled parking near the public entrance or parking on the ocean side of Taylor Avenue.

White Horse Beach resident Dawn Dillon who chaired the original committee, defended its work.”We presented a well researched report with many recommendations,” she said. She noted that Wareham had instituted a resident parking program in Onset. She also suggested rexamining allowing parallel parking by the dunes.

The board will make a final decision about the makeup of the board next week.

In related news, the board voted to establish a $50 parking fine for White Horse Beach.

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