Selectmen back bid to bring power lines into Plymouth

Efforts to make Plymouth the last stop for a major hydroelectric cable got a boost from the Board of Selectmen, Tuesday.

The board voted its support for a Special Town Meeting article that would transfer a parcel of land near the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station, which was taken by the town due to a tax issue, from the Town Treasurer to the Board of Selectmen. The board would then transfer the land to the Plymouth Economic Development Foundation.

Doing so would aid the two companies looking to run hydroelectric power into Massachusetts. Emera and Green Line Devco are among a number of companies competing bring up to 1200 megawatts of power into Massachusetts.  Both of expressed interest in making Plymouth the endpoint of their cable. The existing substation and power lines at Pilgrim make it an attractive location.

However, a station that would convert the power being delivered from direct to alternate current is also needed, Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Kevin O’Reilly said. The land in question would provide the space needed.   

The 10-acre property is located in the area of Rocky Hill Road, Power House Road and State Road.

As part of the companies bids for the contract they need to show they have control of the land they plan to build on, O’Reilly explained. Giving the Economic Development Foundation control would do that, he said. In return, he said, the companies have agreed to pay the town $2.5 million in an annual payment in lieu of taxes and build of a pair of athletic fields.

If the bids failed, control of the land would revert to the Board of Selectmen, he added.

Parking fine hike backed

The Board of Selectmen also voted their support for a warrant article that would increase parking fines in the White Horse Beach area up to $50. 

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