Amsterdam, DT
The dictatorship continues to accuse Chinese companies of spying around the world. The disclosure of another Chinese company has stirred up European countries. Equipment developed by a Chinese company has been deployed for security checks in some of the most sensitive places in the world, especially in Europe. The company’s close ties with the Chinese military and top leaders of the ruling Communist Party have raised questions about the security of these European sites.
According to a media report, Davos has security equipment of Chinese company Naotech at the World Economic Forum, several major European ports, important airports from Amsterdam to Athens and the Russian-NATO border. The company is the world’s largest manufacturer of cargo and vehicle scanners. The Chinese company was banned by the US several years ago citing national security concerns, but it managed to gain big business in Europe.
Today, the company’s equipment for security checks is installed at key locations in six of the six European Union countries. This is reflected in public procurement, government and corporate records. It’s not easy knowing who owns Newtek. But the company’s business is growing rapidly in the world. So there is growing concern, especially in the West.
Officials and policymakers involved in the security of European countries fear that China could get its government, industrial and personal data through the company. Critics say the Chinese government heavily subsidized Newtek so that the company could win contracts around the world. China wants to establish itself as a technological superpower and for this it wants to keep an eye on sensitive information of Western countries.
Bart Guthrie, director of cyber security at the Dutch Defense Ministry and now a member of the European Parliament, said the data was being processed by equipment from a Chinese company. These are personal data, military data and cargo data. Our trade secret is at stake. We must make sure it is safe. We depend on a country that is our geopolitical enemy and strategic adversary.
He said the Chinese company can hand over sensitive data to its government and Europe does not have a surveillance system. Different countries have different views on the security risks of Newtek. Neither country has comprehensive data on how many devices the company has installed across Europe. The company manufactures a scanning system for people and their belongings, as well as explosives and interconnected devices for facial recognition, body temperature, ID card and ticket identification. According to Chinese law, if the government requests data, Chinese companies are required to provide that data.
The company was established as a subsidiary of Tsinghua University. With the help of the Chinese government, the company made rapid progress and for many years it was led by former leader Hu Jintao. Today, Tongfeng Company holds a 51% stake in the company. The largest stakeholder in Tongfeng is China’s state-owned company China National Nuclear Corp. According to the US Department of Defense, CNNC is a Chinese military company. Because it shares advanced technology and expertise with the Chinese military.