Sebastian Fitzek’s new thriller will be released in the fall – and this time the writer is experimenting with music. How he enjoys writing songs and playlists that he created on his own.

Berlin (dpa) – Author Sebastian Fitzek (49) experiments with music in his new thriller. He made no secret that he had always tried to set foot in the music business, he told the German news agency in Berlin.

He actually wanted to be a drummer – it didn’t work. “And now I have the possibility of combining music and books.”

There will be a separate playlist for his new book, which will be released in the fall. He asked himself the question: what if the life of a missing girl depended on decoding a playlist she had made up in captivity? “This is how the idea was born,” said Fitzek.

A child of the 80s

Fitzek himself enjoys listening to Depeche Mode or Prince – he was a kid in the 1980s. Rapper Kool Savas contributes a song to the book project.

Does Fitzek like to create playlists himself or is it too complicated for him? “It’s a bit complicated and technically I’m not the most talented. But I did. ”As far as the writing goes, however, Fitzek likes it to be quieter.

“Andreas Franz, who sadly passed away far too early, once told me at the book fair that he would always listen to soundtracks – film music while he wrote,” Fitzek said. He tried this and immediately took the headphones off again. He couldn’t follow the images that were being created in his head. “I couldn’t write that fast,” Fitzek said. “So: I like music while thinking. But when it comes to writing – unfortunately it doesn’t work. “