Berlin (AP) – Actor Sebastian Bezzel (50) enjoys visiting cinemas across the country. He is originally from Garmisch-Partenkirchen. “And I really enjoy going to the movies in the provinces,” said Bezzel of the German news agency in Berlin.

Sometimes there is still great local advertising. “For hair salons. Or for driving schools. ”Bezzel is currently on view in theaters with the thriller“ Kaiserschmarrndrama ”, and the next episode will also be filmed shortly.

Lead actor Bezzel is happy that cinemas and theaters are open again after a long hiatus. The pandemic in particular has proven that going to the movies is something different than just watching a movie. He also noticed during his movie tour how relieved people were, said the actor (“Tatort”).

At the same time, Bezzel warned against too much neglect in the face of the pandemic. “I’m afraid that the first release will cause us to throw it completely in the trash again, which we have worked out so far,” said the actor, who now lives in Hamburg.

Will cinemas come out of the crisis well and will it be difficult? “I think it will be difficult and unfortunately some will fall by the wayside,” said Bezzel. On the other hand, he still firmly believes in the future of cinema. Nowadays, many would have excellent home entertainment systems. However, it is not the same as getting up, going into a nice room, and having something to do with people you don’t know.

But is there at least one refrigerator at home? “There is that also in the cinema. There is a counter where you can buy a cold drink. Or ice cream, they even have a freezer, ”Bezzel said with a laugh. He mainly opts for beer and salty popcorn. He thinks it’s important to see the trailers for the other movies that are being announced. “I think that’s part of it.”

Bezzel has long played investigator Franz Eberhofer in detective comedies such as “Leberkäsjunkie”, “Sauerkrautkoma” or “Winter potato dumplings”. Her character was “totally timeless,” Bezzel said. He loves the character because she is actually a very melancholy and sad person. On the other hand, Eberhofer is not following any trends, Bezzel said. He’s so much with himself that sometimes it’s annoying again.