‘See’ is not a new series. Its first eight episodes appeared with Apple TV itself before the pandemic, and some time ago I said it had failed to become the equivalent of a “Game of Thrones” for those. of Cupertino. In my opinion, it’s a decent and entertaining series with an interesting story without being a work of art.

Now ‘See’ has started off strong with its second season, with two episodes that make it clear that the show isn’t giving up and that it wants to continue pursuing its goal of becoming an epic that is on the lips of more people.

Warning: From here we comment on spoilers for the first and second seasons of ‘See’. Read it at your own risk!

We can already notice this change from the new opening, which is more epic both visually and musically, adding what appears to be a new tune that will identify the series. Additionally, the new season kicks off by putting all the meat on the spit, gathering the pieces for future episodes with more action, and presenting Dave Bautista as a formidable new foe to beat.

We also see new locations, new cities, and an emphasis on the script to take note of the factions and key figures that exist in this distant future that human civilization has moved back thousands of years to because all of it. world remained without sight. With the exception of a few who were born recovering this “gift” which some describe as witchcraft and the cause of the end of ancient society.

In fact, the first episode is so straightforward with the plot that it’s hard to remember what happened before, so I recommend seeing a summary of what happened while browsing the previous episodes. Fortunately, it is not too difficult to pick up the thread.

Ultimately, it is perceived that ‘See’ wants to grow up. The first season was entertaining, but it appeared in a whole new catalog that not many people wanted to access. Now Apple TV + is powered by big shows like “Ted Lasso” or “The Morning Show,” so now is a great time to put all the meat on the grill and make audiences love “See”. Considering how the episodes of this new season started, it shouldn’t cost you a lot. The thing promises.