Many actors are drawn behind the camera at any given time. Directing has always been more than just a part-time job for Sean Penn.

Los Angeles.

Two-time Oscar winner Sean Penn (“Mystic River,” “Milk”) is best known for his stellar performances in front of the camera. But he prefers directing to acting, as Penn (61) said in an interview with the “Augsburger Allgemeine”.

“As an actor you tell other people’s stories, as a director you tell yours. And I love nothing better than telling stories. I got this urge from my dad, who was also actor and director.

He plays in “Licorice Pizza”.

He now keeps his distance from the big main roles. “I’m afraid to immerse myself in difficult characters. They fill me with a deep dread,” the Hollywood star said. He’s not like other actors who like to “express all kinds of emotions.” Penn Currently playing a small supporting role in the coming-of-age romance Licorice Pizza, where he plays an aging, drunken Hollywood star who wants to impress a young woman with his stories and a motorcycle stunt.

The director of films such as ‘Indian Runner’ (1991), ‘The Promise’ (2001) and ‘Into the Wild’ (2007) directed the father-daughter drama ‘Flag Day’ last year. In addition to his daughter Dylan (30) and son Hopper (28), he also played himself – but only because of his kids, Penn pointed out. He never wanted to direct and be in front of the camera at the same time again, he told Augsburger Allgemeine. “I’m a perfectionist, and everything can’t be combined.” (dpa)