Scotland, August 20, 2021, Friday

Although geography teaches that long-distance cities are more conducive to the development of commercial aviation, commercial air flights are used daily to cover a distance of 4.5 km from Westree and Papa Westry Island in Orkney, Scotland. It takes only 2 seconds to cross the distance between these two islands. However, it sometimes takes a maximum of two minutes to fly from island to island in the north of Scotland in exceptional circumstances, when the weather is bad. Surprisingly, it usually does not take as much time for passengers to get tickets as for an airplane.

The daily flight from morning till evening is mostly used by employed teachers, health workers and sick patients. The cost of boarding the plane for just 2 seconds is 50 per ticket. For the world’s shortest air route, people jokingly say that if you take popcorn and put it in your mouth, it takes so much time to get down and chew. People associated with the Scottish National Health Service also make the most of this 2.5 km air route. This route has been running for years, but its information first came to the world in the year 2011. Some tourists who came here had written this in their travel details, so tourists from outside also eagerly sit on this flight.