A new controversy has arisen regarding the office cut given to UK PM Boris Johnson during the lockdown.

London: Britain’s struggling Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing new charges on Tuesday in the party gate scandal. There is talk of surprise birthday party on his 9th birthday. The party was organized in June 2020 during the first lockdown of Kovid. The scam came to light when an internal cabinet inquiry report is expected this week.

Scotland Yard has confirmed that the Metropolitan Police will investigate an alleged party during the lockdown at Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office in Ten Downing Street.

Matt Police Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick told the Crime Committee of the London Assembly Police and the Mayor’s London Office that the results provided by the Cabinet Office investigation team and their review of other officials confirm that Matt Downing Street and Whitehall have committed this crime. The incident has been investigated.

“The fact that we are investigating does not mean that a definitive penalty notice has been issued for each individual. We will not provide any ongoing comment on our current investigation.” But I guarantee that we will provide updates on important issues.

Earlier, Downing Street reported that 56-year-old Boris Johnson was present for less than ten minutes at an event hosted by his employees on June 19, 2020. During this there was a lockdown due to Corona and not more than two people were allowed to gather. But ITV News reported on Monday night that 30 people attended the party, who sang Happy Birthday and served cakes. The incident took place at 2 pm in the cabinet room of Downing Street. The party was organized to surprise Jones and his wife, Carrie Symonds. The party was organized after returning from an official visit to Hertfordshire.

A Downing Street No 10 spokesman said a group of employees working in Room No 10 met the prime minister and wished him a happy birthday. The whole activity lasted less than ten minutes. How can this be called a party?

An ITV report claimed that his family and friends had violated the law at the prime minister’s official residence the same evening. However, Number Ten denies this and claims that it is completely false. Keeping in mind the rules of the day, the Prime Minister also called a small number of families that evening.