On the occasion of CES 2022 this week, Samsung put forward what will be its next line of televisions for 2022 with impressive microLED and Neo QLED models that will offer updated features compared to last year.

Beyond improvements in light control, features for games, and other changes related to image quality, Samsung pointed out a feature that went a bit unnoticed and devoted only to some comments in the presentation but which is the most interesting.

These are the capabilities of its new 2022 televisions and soundbars to communicate with each other wirelessly, in principle without loss of quality and with the possibility of transmitting and receiving sound tracks in formats up to Dolby Atmos.

Concretely, the first soundbars compatible with this function will be the HW-Q990B, the HW-Q930B and the HW-S800B, able to be connected via a wireless connection of the WiFi type and without needing to connect HDMI cables or optics.

This wireless connection will be able to send Dolby Atmos tracks to feed up to 11.1.4 channels of the top-of-the-line model, the HW-Q990B and according to the first impressions of those who got to listen to the bars live at CES, it doesn’t seem not that there are any delays or loss of quality due to the lack of cable, which usually happens with models that connect via bluetooth.

An improved Q Symphony function

In addition to this improvement, the new Samsung TVs and soundbars for 2022 will feature a renewed ‘Q Symphony’ feature that allows you to turn the bar into an extra TV speaker while using the TV’s sound system. .

This year’s models will be able to integrate all TV speakers, including those that point towards the ceiling, in a multichannel set chaired by the soundbar to create sets of up to 22 channels in the case of having the flagship television of this season the 8K QN900B.

In addition, from Samsung, they ensure that the synchronization between the TV speakers and the soundbars has been improved, so more integration between the two teams is to be expected.

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