One of the objectives of the big tech giants is to reduce their ecological footprint, a path that began with the removal of the charger at the checkout to optimize shipments. Companies like Samsung have been showing since 2009 that they want to be green, now recycling old Galaxy’s into eye scanners.

In a press release, Samsung tells us about the materials that we will see in the next Galaxy, recycled plastic. This follows in the wake of Google, whose products by 2022 will be made from recycled materials. In the case of the Korean giant, we are talking about reusing abandoned fishing nets, plastics with a high impact on the sea.

Plastic from abandoned fishing nets

Samsung says it has developed a new material made from discarded fishing nets, with the aim of minimizing its environmental footprint and making the polluting process of creating a tech product more sustainable. From next Wednesday 9, the date scheduled for Samsung Unpacked, all Samsung Galaxy will incorporate reused plastics from the sea.

“Now and in the future, Samsung will incorporate reused ocean plastics across its entire product line, starting with our new Galaxy devices which will be unveiled on February 9 at Unpacked.”

According to Samsung data, there are more than 640,000 tons of abandoned fishing nets in the sea, so they want to get rid of them by using them in new materials for their Galaxy. The company hasn’t said which parts of the phones these materials will be used in, but it guarantees that the entire Galaxy line will share them.

Next Wednesday at Unpacked, Samsung is expected to share more details about using recycled materials in all of its Galaxy devices starting February 9. If everything continues as promised, the Galaxy S22 will be the first devices in the family to incorporate these materials.