Most of the layers of personalization that manufacturers “add” to Android include advertising in apps preinstalled with devices, even in the Phone app, as we saw in Samsung’s One UI. Specifically to users of Galaxy devices, we have already explained to you on occasion how to reduce the advertisements that the South Korean company broadcasts on their mobiles.

Now it looks like Samsung has decided to directly remove advertising from Samsung Pay, its mobile payment system, and remove ads for its products or services in native apps, such as the weather or theme app. At least that’s what head of mobile devices TM Roh communicated to company employees, according to Maeil Business News.

Say goodbye to ads with an update

South Korean media outlet Maeil Business News assures us that at a “public meeting,” Samsung’s head of mobile devices, TM Roh, told employees that the company had decided to remove ads from preinstalled Samsung apps.

In response to a question from an employee about advertising that appears in preinstalled apps, TM Roh replied, “We have decided to remove ads from core apps like Weather, Samsung Pay, and Samsung Themes.” The media also assures that Roh said the ads will be removed via One UI software updates.

At the moment, it’s unclear whether this will happen in the next big update or later, or which apps it will definitely affect. It is also unclear whether this change will be limited to Korea or if it will apply to other countries as well, hopefully it will be global.

Via | Android Authority