The most satisfied Samsung mobiles would be on the verge of a leap in photographic quality if the rumors came true: these suggest that the cameras in the Galaxy A range could have mechanical image stabilization, known under the name OIS (Optical Image Stabilization). This improvement would hit the mid and low end.

We are used to the fact that the most expensive mobiles are the ones that include the best cameras, and not just because of their number or because of the maximum size in megapixels: there are other technologies that add value to the cameras. smartphone cameras. Aperture, “pixel binning”, zoom or optical image stabilization, for example. Precisely, the OIS is one of those elements that we see most often on expensive mobiles. And Samsung plans to bring it to its Galaxy A cheaper.

All the future Galaxy A range would have OIS

Samsung galaxy a72

There are already Samsung Galaxy A phones that have built-in mechanical image stabilization, the Galaxy A72 and Samsung Galaxy A52 5G from 2021 are an example. With the future and possible extension of mechanical stabilization, the OIS would reach even the most accessible mobiles of the A family.

According to The Elec, a Korean media outlet specializing in component chain information, Samsung plans to bring mechanical image stabilization to its entire Galaxy A range, including the cheapest mobiles. This would add value to phones which, in fact, tend to limp in photography.

Through mechanical image stabilization, the camera’s sensor decreases the shake that occurs when taking photos and video recording, making the recorded content gain in sharpness and appearance, logically, more stable. This improves capture, especially of video: the differences between in-hand mobile recording with and without OIS are generally noticeable.

The Elec not only claims that the OIS will hit the cheapest Galaxy A, but also that Samsung will equip some of these phones with photographic modules of its own crop (from Samsung Electro Mechanics). We should see this development materialize in the line of phones that will start arriving later this year and early in 2022.

Via | The elec