Samsung mobiles updated to the latest version of One UI, such as Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, have a secret setting to know the performance of games and apps. This will allow us to know the FPS you are moving on, as well as the current load on the GPU and CPU.

It’s a hidden feature that isn’t easy to find, so we’ll show you where it is, how it’s activated, and what it’s used for. You will need the mobile to be updated, as this option is not available in very old versions of One UI.

GPUWatch: a cool (but unknown) tool from Samsung

The first thing we will have to do to activate this secret function is to go to the developer’s settings. To do this, we must follow these steps which we detail below.

Open your Samsung mobile settings Click on ‘About phone’ Now click on ‘Software information’ Press the ‘build number’ seven times This is what the widget looks like.

Clever. Once you have followed these steps, you will find Developer options in your Samsung settings. In these options, you will see an option called GPUWatch, which you need to enable.

GPUWatch is a widget that overlays the screen and shows you graphics with a game’s FPS, as well as the current GPU and CPU load. This is a great option for most gamers because we can tell if the mobile is performing at its best.