The date of presentation of the new Samsung S family would be closer than ever, according to the latest leaks: the brand will present its Samsung Galaxy S22 on February 8; With a presale available from the next day, February 9. If everything continues according to the leaks, we would see three new phones in Samsung’s portfolio.

Few phones have leaked as much as the Samsung Galaxy S22: we’ve been reading the news for months, seeing spec rumors and seeing pictures with the design in detail. One might think that we know everything about the Samsung Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S22 Note (or S22 Ultra), but, having nothing confirmed, we must remain in doubt. Fortunately, that will wear off in less than a month, at least according to the rumored date for the Unpacked.

Samsung unboxed for January 8, 2022

The three Samsung Galaxy S22. Image from OnLeaks

It was known that Samsung was planning to present its new family of phones at the beginning of the year and that it would almost certainly be during the month of January. In the end, the date that rings strong is February 8: this would have been corroborated by sources from Samsung to Korean media.

The medium in question is Digital Daily, an online economic and financial news newspaper which claims to have confirmed the date of Samsung Unpacked 2022 with sources inside the brand itself. Digital Daily is a sufficiently accredited medium, therefore the information is, a priori, reliable.

According to the aforementioned Digital Daily, the newspaper contacted a spokesperson for Samsung to confirm the date of the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S22. This would have been marked for February 8, 2022; with the sending of media invitations by the end of January this year.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 would represent a hardware and software revival without the more “basic” models, the S22 and S22 +, straying too far from the design of the Samsung Galaxy S21. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra or Note (the leaks recently opted for the second variant) would be the mobile with the most features of the three, the most expensive and the one that would inherit the S Pen from the already extinct Galaxy Note.

Samsung Galaxy S22. Image from Let’s Go Digital

We will finally have to wait until February 8, 2022 to see the new phones live. Although Samsung has to confirm the date first, let’s remember that, at least for now, it belongs to the S22 leaks. If the information is true, the Galaxy S22 could be ordered from February 9; with delivery on February 24.

Via | Digital Daily, Engadget