Samsung has announced that it is expanding its TV line in two of its most exclusive families, such as The Frame and The Serif lines. Two ranges which have televisions in different inches and which will now see new models arriving in 85 and 65 inches.

These are two ranges of televisions that the brand includes in the Lifestyle series and which now expand the offer they already offered in the 2021 range with the aim of covering users who are looking for a larger model. In the case of The Serif for those who find its 50 inch roof rare and with The Frame to fill the gap that the 75 inch model had.

Grow in size

The Samsung The Serif is now available in 43 and 50 inch sizes, two sizes that will now be accompanied by another larger diagonal that will reach 65 inches. For now, only the smallest models appear on the Samsung site.

The 2021 Serif models are available in hues such as Snow White and Sky Blue but maintaining the same decorative style with and without the curious base that gives it a virtual slate look. Models that use a 4K QLED panel and allow, through Environment mode, access to information, such as headlines and weather updates, as well as the ability to display images and blend in. the decoration of the house.

Samsung also has in its catalog The Frame range in sizes 43, 50, 55 and 65 inches to which is now added a new model of 85 inches. A model which, under the appearance of a normal television, allows use as a digital photo frame. In this sense, more than 1,400 digital works of art are accessible in the integrated store and further personalize the look by changing the surrounding setting.

Pricing and availability

The new 85-inch Samsung The Frame will be available from this month in Europe, while the 65-inch The Serif will be available from next month. At the moment, there is no information on the prices at which they will arrive in the market.

Samsung The Serif: 43 inches for 899 euros Samsung The Serif: 49 inches for 1,049 euros Samsung The Frame: 43 inches for 899 euros Samsung The Frame: 50 inches for 1,049 euros Samsung The Frame: 55 inches for 1,199 euros Samsung The Frame: 65 inches for 1699 euros

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