Safari has been one of the many points of attention in iOS 15. Ultimately, it’s an app we use on a daily basis in a multitude of settings and contexts, so its importance has climbed into positions in recent years. Safari is the center of access to the vast store of information that the Internet offers, information that, thanks to the groups of tabs, we can now manage much more efficiently. Let’s see how.

As many tabs as we want, but all arranged in their group

The idea of ​​Safari tabs on our iPhone is that we can manage multiple of them without having to keep them open or save them to favorites. If for example we are with several articles on an open topic and suddenly we have to change what we are doing, what do we do with the tabs? Until now we had to keep them open which made it difficult to navigate by stacking them in the corresponding bar, now we just save them in a group and we have our browser empty and ready to open, new theme so much. ‘tabs we want.

In the iPhone, this is exactly where the most changes have taken place in Safari. The reason for this is the size of the screen, which is forcing Apple to look for ways to give us access to the same features in more creative ways. So let’s go over four basic points: how to access tab groups and how to switch between them, how to create an empty group, how to save open tabs to a group, and how to delete groups we no longer need.

How to access and switch between tab groups: Accessing the list of tab groups is very simple. You simply touch the button in the form of two superimposed squares at the bottom of the screen and then touch the text in the central part. This text, which can show us the main page, the X tabs or the name of the group we are in, will give us access to the full list. Arrived here to switch to another group, we simply select it. How to create an empty tab group: If we have an activity in our browser and want to start a new one that we think will require saving its tabs, we can create an empty group to save browsing in. To do this, just press the button with two squares, hold down the name of the current group, and choose New Empty Tab Group. How to save open tabs to a group: Whether we want to save open tabs to an existing group or a new one, the steps are very simple. Once we have the tabs to save open, we keep the button with two small squares, we touch Move to Tab Group, and we choose New Tab Group or the name of the group we are interested in. How to delete a tab group: When a certain tab group is no longer needed, we can delete it by entering the group list as we saw in the first section and then dragging the one that we want to remove to the left.

Although at first glance it may seem that group management is somewhat complex, the truth is that the interface is very intuitive and easy to use. Once you get used to the dynamics it’s the simplest thing in the world. One of the many details that come to Safari and iOS 15. Details that, without a doubt, greatly facilitate everyday life with our iPhone.