Yesterday Russia’s Federal Department for Commercial Aviation announced that British flights, as well as aircraft owned, leased, or managed by a person affiliated with the United Kingdom, are prohibited from crossing the country’s airspace. 

According to the Russian source, this move was posted as a reply to the UK government’s proposal to ban Russian flights from British airspace on Thursday. The British Prime Minister unveiled a package of penalties because of the recently Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Russia’s strike has already caused the shutdown of Ukrainian airspace, and the crisis’ aftermath will compel more airlines to divert flights. British officials made the decision to continue limiting Russian airspace, and some Virgin Atlantic traveler trips in between the UK, Pakistan, and India will likely be rescheduled, a Virgin Atlantic representative stated. 

The safety and security of our clients and staff always come first, and we’re keeping a close eye on the situation in Ukraine and Russia as the conflict occurred.

Russia’s rigorous action will have been noted in European capitals as the European Union considers whether to put additional sanctions against Russia in reaction to Russia’s assault on Ukraine. So far, the European Union has abstained from restricting Russian flights. Questions will now be asked regarding the Government’s decision to prohibit all scheduled Russian flights from the UK yesterday, and whether the impacts of Russian response on the UK airline industry were considered.

Whereas On Friday, Russia advanced its invasion of Ukraine to the borders of Kyiv, slamming airstrikes on cities and military posts and pouring troops and tanks in from three directions in an attack that threatens to remake the global post-Cold War security system. 

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The Ukraine military said ,a group of Russian troops and traitors was detected in a district of Kyiv approximately three miles north of the city center. Among the indication that the Ukrainian capital was becoming increasingly threatened. According to the military source.

Russian forces had taken two Ukrainian armored trucks and several uniforms and were going toward the city to try to penetrate under the impression of being natives.