Rupture Disk Market Size Globally Reach USD 690.25 Million by 2026: Facts & Factors

Facts and Factors have published a new research report titled “Rupture Disc Market By Product Type (Flat Type Rupture Disc, Positive Arch Rupture Disc, and Anti-arch Rupture Disc), By Material (Stainless Steel, Graphite, and Other), By End-Use (Energy, Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Automotive and Transportation, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Others) and by Region: Global Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis, and Forecast, 2020 – 2026”.

“According to the research report, the global Rupture Disc Market was estimated at USD 590.78 Million in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 690.25 Million by 2026. The global Rupture Disc Market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.5% from 2019 to 2026”.

Rupture Disks are usually circular or square in shape and comprise of one or more flat or domed layers. The disc’s rupture element is fitted with breaking points that are usually generated using lasers. Easy cuts or even special geometries may be used to establish these breaking points. Normally, a rupture disk is triggered either thermally or physically. Irrespective of the disk design, a protection factor should be used. The primary goal of installing rupture discs in piping or pipeline systems is to secure the system/plant as much as possible while minimizing downtime. Since the rupture disk is a one-time-use unit, it can only be used once. As a consequence, after the burst, it must be replaced. Rupture Discs are commonly used in pharmaceutical, oil and gas, petroleum, and sanitary applications for over-pressure safety.

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Surging Demand for Fast-Acting Relief Devices

The market for fast-acting relaxation devices is growing. As the system pressure rises, certain process processes need relief devices to operate immediately. Rupture disks have a much longer response time than pressure release valves. As a result, companies prefer rupture disks overpressure relief valves in heat exchangers. When exposed to undue pressure from gas or vapor media, or when liquid flickering happens, pressure relief valves do not respond rapidly. As a result, many companies favor rupture disks because of their tendency to burst rapidly.

Industry Major Market Players

  • BS & B Safety Systems LLC
  • Continental Disc Corp.
  • Emerson Electric Co.
  • Fike Corp.
  • Graco Inc.
  • HalmaPlc
  • Mersen Group
  • Parker-Hannifin Corp.
  • SGL Carbon SE
  • V-TEX Corp.

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Pressure relief valves are intended to break at a predetermined pressure and release fluid until the pressure is reduced to a safe amount. In the event of a process upset or device breakdown, pressure relief valves are used to regulate the pressure in a system. An auxiliary passage relieves the extra strain in the systems. A pressure relief valve is designed to work at a fixed set pressure to prevent other vessels and equipment from being exposed to dangerous pressure. If the pressure in the device is too high, the relief valve automatically turns to the direction of least resistance, which aids in pressure retention. Pressure relief valves are used in a wide variety of industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, power, and paper and pulp. Furthermore, increasing demand for pressure relief valves from the pharmaceutical industry is expected to fuel the market for pressure relief valves. Various governments are implementing healthcare initiatives and services in order to develop healthcare facilities. Such policies and programs are supposed to result in positive improvements throughout the healthcare industry’s value chain.

A rupture disc is pressure and temperature-sensitive relief system that is engineered to rupture at a certain pressure and temperature. It is a method of ensuring the safety of staff and facilities. It is a failsafe device. In the processes where an instantaneous and complete opening of a pressure relief system is needed, rupture discs are used. Rupture disc can be installed alone or with other safety accessories. Once the disc is blown it cannot be refitted. Rupture discs are sometimes used in series (upstream) with a Relief valve to keep corrosive fluids away from the valve’s metal sections. This combination is also a self-closing device.

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Global Rupture Disc Market: Growth Factors

One of the important reasons for the increasing demand for rupture disc is due to high demand from chemical industries. Operating pressure and temperature in the chemical process industries depends on the market factors and many times these factors determine the production targets. High production target requires high operating pressure close to the set pressure of the operating vessel Rupture disc protects the vessel from over pressurization condition damaging vessel and human life. Another major reason for the demand for rupture discs is the increasing market for a lithium-ion battery. Lithium batteries and battery packs are in high demand. The use of rechargeable lithium batteries is increasing around the world, with applications in automotive, IT, aerospace, consumer electronics, and a variety of other industries. The lithium-ion battery has protective circuitry to operate, however, the last resort of the protection is the rupture disc intended to release the inside pressure of the cell

Global Rupture Disc Market: Segmentation

The global Rupture Disc Market is segregated based on the type as flat Type Rupture Disc, Positive Arch Rupture Disc, and Anti-arch Rupture Disc. By Material, the market is divided into Stainless Steel, Graphite, and Other. By End User, the market is bifurcated as Energy, Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Automotive and Transportation, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Others. Energy and Automotive will exercise the highest CAGR owing to high investment in electric vehicle projects.

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Asia Pacific region is expected to be the Fastest Growing Market for Rupture Disc during the Forthcoming Years

The Asia Pacific is projected to be a major sales contributor globally. This is due to growing urbanization, which has resulted in increased demand for vehicles, electrical, and housing equipment, as well as an increase in the number of suppliers in this area. As a result, demand for energy rises, as does the development of many industries such as oil and gas, electricity, chemicals, and food and beverage, enhancing the rupture disc market in this country. In this area, the rising amount of vehicle output and the growing number of power plants would have a major impact on rupture disc market development. During the projected period, APAC would account for more than half percent of the total market expansion. In APAC, China and Japan are the most important markets for rupture disks. The demand in this area would expand at a faster rate than the market in other regions.

Browse the full “Rupture Disc Market By Product Type (Flat Type Rupture Disc, Positive Arch Rupture Disc, and Anti-arch Rupture Disc), By Material (Stainless Steel, Graphite, and Other), By End-Use (Energy, Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Automotive and Transportation, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Others) and by Region: Global Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis, and Forecast, 2020 – 2026” report at

The global rupture disc market is segmented as follows:

By Material Type:                                            

  • Graphite Rupture Disc
  • Metallic Rupture Disc

By Product Type:

  • Flat Type Rupture Disc
  • Positive Arch Rupture Disc
  • Anti-arch Rupture Disc

By End User:                                                   

  • Energy
  • Aerospace
  • Oil and Gas
  • Automotive and Transportation
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Others


  • Statistically Validated Analysis of Historical, Current, and Projected Industry Trends with Authenticated Market Sizes Information and Data in terms of Value and Volume, wherever applicable
  • Direct and Indirect Factors that Impacted the Industry as well Projected Rationales expected to affect the industry going forward
  • Micro, Meso, Macro, and In-Depth Analysis of Technically relevant and Commercially viable  Segments and Sub-segments of the Market
  • Historical and Projected Company / Vendor / OEM / Supplier Market Shares, Competitive Landscape, and Player Positioning Data
  • Historical and Current Demand (Consumption) and Supply (Production) Scenarios as well as Projected Supply-Demand Scenario Analysis
  • Detailed List of Key Buyers and End-Users (Consumers) analyzed as per Regions and Applications
  • Value Chain and Supply Chain Analysis along with Horizontal and Vertical Integration Scenarios
  • Manufacturing and Production Cost Structure Analysis including Labor Cost, Raw Material Expenses, and Other Manufacturing Expenses, wherever relevant
  • Overview of Key Marketing Strategies and Key Industry vertical Adopted in the Market

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