More or less, we’re all clear that it’ll be next September when we see the presentation of the new iPhone 13. That’s the launch rate we’ve been used to for a few years, although last year’s parenthesis throws some doubts. Doubts the latest launch information is trying to dispel, as we expect the new iPhone 13 to arrive in the third week of September.

One thing is the event, another is the launch

The information on the iPhone 13 release dates is a bit more complex to analyze than it looks. The reason is mainly the source of the information. Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives says today in a note to investors (via MacRumors) that the iPhone 13 will arrive in the third week of September.

Our recent Asian supply chain checks for the second half of the year put iPhone manufacturing at between 130 and 150 million. IPhone 13 appears to account for 35% to 45% of iPhone builds in the third quarter, and this positive outlook gives us more confidence that the 2021 launch schedule will be “normal”. From a calendar standpoint, we believe the current iPhone 13 launch is scheduled for the third week of September.

As we see in this fragment, the source of the deduction of dates is in the supply chain. That means, if that’s correct, we would talk about the launch before the presentation. Since Apple typically unveils the iPhone at the start of the second week of September, opens pre-orders this Friday, and begins shipping and in-store sales the following Friday, the deadline for accurately marking the event date is still imprecise.

Week up or down, what seems clear is that this will be a “normal” year for the iPhone launch. For now, we’re still waiting for the invitations to this event, one of which we don’t even know if it will have an audience or will be entirely virtual. The wait to find out, however, should be very short.

Image | N.Tho.Duc