We’ve had a season with a big tussle in terms of the iPad being able to use OLED screens. Now, rumors of this change have gained momentum after news that LG Display is preparing for mass production of this class of panels.

More moves to OLED panels

According to The Elec, LG is preparing its production lines to manufacture OLED panels for future iPads. The display maker would move OLED display production equipment to its Paju plant in South Korea. A risky move, because the equipment will require recalibration and may be damaged during transport.

The Paju factory already has two production lines for flexible OLED panels for iPhones, and LG will build a new one to increase iPhone panel capacity. Thus, Paju becomes the focal point of Apple’s plans for iPads with OLED screens.

All these movements give more force to the rumors of a change of OLED screens on the iPad between 2023 and 2024. A change, let us remember, which would relate to the input ranges, since the Pro models have already given, at least in the case of 12.9 inches, the switch to mini-LED.

We’ll have to wait to see the OLED panels at an official Apple presentation, possibly in March, to know for sure that they’ll be coming to the iPad, of course. But moves like these don’t happen without a good reason, so rumors of this change are gaining more and more traction.

Picture | Jeremy Bezanger