It’s hard to ask any average user what the Angry Birds are and that, at the very least, the concept means nothing to you. That’s what Rovio has achieved with its parabolic shooter first released over a decade ago. The saga of the angry birds who undertake a battle against the pigs who steal their eggs even had plot twists, making the pigs the protagonists.

But this prominence of pigs did not prevent the saga from losing it, and that other games became more popular despite the fact that Rovio tried to conquer other lands, such as cinema. Now Rovio is releasing a new title, ‘Angry Birds Journey’, which a few days ago received a particular soft-launch in some countries but can finally be downloaded in Spain.

Angry Birds Journey, already in Spain

Just a few days ago we were able to try ‘Angry Birds Journey’ thanks to its APK file, since the title was not yet available in our country. We were able to verify that it was a new iteration of the original mechanic, again we went back to throwing birds against structures to be able to defeat the pigs that were sheltering there. As our colleague Iván Linares pointed out, “the new Angry Birds is like the old Angry Birds”.

‘Angry Birds Journey’ has been postulated more as a remake with updated designs than a new playable proposition from a company that has taken its birds to racing circuits and turned its games into puzzles over the years . ‘Angry Birds Journey’ returns to the origins and maintains its simple mechanics and its slingshots with which to practice our skill with the parabolic shot.

With ‘Angry Birds Journey’ we return to fast games because we will not have to complete each map for the moment, unless our mobile closes the game after a long period of inactivity. A simple title to have fun again with the struggles between pigs and birds. The game is free-to-play funded through the inside shopping offer, and at the moment it has no in-app advertising.

A few days ago, Rovio released the new ‘Angry Birds Journey’ to stores in the United States, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, and Poland. Today ‘Angry Birds Journey’ can now be downloaded in Spain and played with without having to resort to alternative stores or locate the APK file to install it behind the Google Play Store. We leave the links just below.

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