Hundreds of thousands of Australians were forced to escape their homes yesterday when torrential rain caused floodwaters to reach record levels, trapping many on their roofs. Eight people have died. the country’s weather office has warned that more severe thunderstorms and heavy rain will result in life-threatening major flooding across a large section of the central pacific Shores.

Local family. a resident of Lismore’s country town awoke to find mud-brown floods had reached her second-floor bedroom’s balcony yesterday morning. They made it to the roof, where they were discovered by passing boaters who summoned a makeshift rescue boat. The family claimed that Two local guys in a boat rescued us, describing the events in Lismore as “horrifying. Imagine being in a boat going past people’s roofs, they explained. What’s worrying is that this is only the beginning; there’ll be a lot more rain.

The town’s levees had already been overrun, and 43,000 people had been told to evacuate by this morning. Calls for help overloaded emergency services, prompting several residents including Lismore mayor Steve Krieg, to turn to social media for assistance. “There’s a pregnant lady waiting on her roof if anybody has a boat and could go to Engine Street. “PLEASE HELP,” he said on Facebook 

Emergency services claimed a chopper had been dispatched to retrieve additional stranded occupants from rooftops. According to the weather service, more than 410 mm of rain has poured in the previous 24 hours near Lismore and the worsening thing is that the town’s Wilson River continues rising. Lismore’s water levels haven’t yet hit their predicted height of 14 meters but they’re already the worst floods the town has ever seen.

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Flooding in eastern Australia has cost the lives of eight people including an old man who drowned yesterday after his car was washed away by floodwaters in Queensland’s northern state. Because of the floods, millions of people have been instructed to stay at home, and nearly 1,000 schools in Queensland have been closed. A 70-year-old man miraculously escaped after his houseboat was pushed downstream by the wild Brisbane River and slammed with a ferry terminal.

Members of the public were able to save the man, during the interview with the news reporter he said that they formed a human chain and were able to pull him out of the river unhurt. One of the spectators said, To be honest, I’m not sure how he survived. Rain has pounded eastern Australia as a severe weather system – the tail end of a rainy summer driven by La Nina pushed south down the country’s coast leaving a trail of devastation in its wake. 

Queensland government officials claimed yesterday that some parts of the tropical states have received a year’s worth of rain in just a few days. Droughts, fatal wildfires, bleaching incidents on the Great Barrier Reef, and floods have all become more common and intense as global climate patterns shift.