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Afghan security forces guard a checkpoint near Spin Boldak’s border with Pakistan after the Taliban captured Afghanistan’s Kandahar district on July 14, 2021 | Photo: M. SADIQ / Agência EFE / Gazeta do Povo

Danish journalist Siddiqui of the Reuters news agency died on Friday (16) while covering a clash between Afghan security forces and the Taliban near the Pakistani border, Reuters reported.

According to the agency, during the last contact he had with the journalist, at the beginning of Friday, Siddiqui informed that he had been wounded in the arm by shrapnel. Hours later, an Afghan commander said Siddiqui died in yet another Taliban attack while speaking to traders in the area. Reuters said it was unable to independently verify the reported details.

Siddiqui posted the image on his Twitter on Tuesday following Afghan Special Forces in Kandahar

“We are urgently seeking more information, together with authorities in the region,” Reuters Chairman Michael Friedenberg said in a statement.

In 2018, Siddiqui was part of the Reuters photography team that won the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for Outstanding Photography for documenting the Rohingya refugee crisis. Since the beginning of this week, he has been accompanying Afghan special forces in Kandahar province to report on the conflict with the Taliban.

Taliban militants on Wednesday claimed they took control of a major border crossing point with Pakistan as they advanced through the country as US troops retreated from Afghanistan.