After some tensions with some employees who wish to continue working remotely, Apple has decided to delay the return to the offices for a month. Starting in October, instead of September, the company will start implementing a hybrid work system where three days a week require being in the office.

Another month to assess the situation

As evidenced by the latest Bloomberg report, Apple will postpone the start date of its hybrid work program for a whole month. A movement that is supported by the increase in COVID cases and which at the same time seeks to find a point of balance with certain employees who prefer to work exclusively remotely.

The iPhone maker becomes one of the first US tech giants to delay the return to normal as Covid persists and cases of a highly transmissible variant increase. Apple will give its employees at least a month’s notice before ordering the return to the offices, said the people, who asked not to be identified to discuss internal politics.

The one month delay in the massive return to the office will give Apple more time to monitor the situation and also for it to evolve, before making the relevant decisions. Apple is characterized by a clearly face-to-face work culture. Apple Park itself is specially designed so that throughout the working day, employees from different teams come together and ideas and solutions can emerge from these interactions.

While other Silicon Valley companies have moved directly to the remote model, others are implementing hybrid systems like Apple’s. Systems flexible enough to reconcile personal and professional life, but which in certain cases may not be sufficient for certain positions. Ultimately, a virtual meeting is not the same as a face-to-face meeting.

Image | Severin Stalder