Preparations for the arrival of the iPhone 13 are not immune to occasional leaks. Over the weekend, Twitter user @ PinkDon1 posted a video in which a considerable amount of black silicone cases for the new iPhone 13 Pro Max were seen.

Confirmation of your name, but without the original video

Hours after its publication, the video disappeared from the social network, but not before it was picked up by the most enthusiastic Apple fans. As we see in the images in this article, the huge collection of cases clearly shows the denomination “iPhone 13 Pro Max”, something that we doubted due to the possible connotations of the number 13.

From the nature of the video we can deduce that the images were captured in the production line or in a distribution hub. A video that has accumulated more than 4000 views before being deleted. The account in question has moved relatively little in terms of leaks, which leads us to take the published information with some caution, however not lacking in interest.

We recently saw Apple contacting leakers around the world to warn them that the leaks were hurting both Apple and customers. After seeing what we saw, we can dare to say that only a real video could be eliminated as we saw on this occasion.

This video is further “proof” that the rumors that have been circulating the net for almost a year were true: we will almost certainly see an iPhone 13 mini, an iPhone 13, an iPhone 13 Pro and an iPhone 13 Pro Max. A size and specification breakdown that, before the change planned for next year, will remain in effect at the event we expect invitations to be this week.