The mobile is used for everything, from the flashlight to the calculator, including a thousand and one additional functions, without forgetting that it is also used to call your contacts. Contacts that can end up becoming an indecipherable mess unless you take the time to organize them.

This is precisely what you’ll find in the six apps on our list: apps for managing Android contacts, performing maintenance tasks like removing duplicates, syncing profile photos, and importing and exporting contacts.

Google Contacts

Contacts is the name given to the Google Contacts application and therefore by default on Pixel, Nexus, Android One and other mobiles with an experience similar to stock. Unlike the phone, contacts can be installed from Google Play on other devices even if they have Samsung One UI, EMUI or others.

Simple in appearance, Contacts has a Suggestions section where you can combine duplicates or find suggestions of people to add from people you write to in Gmail. From its settings, it is also possible to import and export contacts.


Contact the fix

If you are looking for something that goes beyond finding duplicates, you will find it in Contacts Fix, a very simple app with which you can find common errors in your contacts and fix them.

Some errors that you can spot with Contact Fix include checking for duplicates, as well as incorrectly formatted phone numbers (for example, missing the international prefix).

Correcting contacts


Applications to sync social media profile photos with those of your mobile contacts are a bit in the doldrums after Google+ disappeared and more limits were put in place on their data access to Facebook, but it there are still some who try, like Cozy.

Cozy tries to link mobile contacts with your Facebook friends, and can then upload their profile pictures. To do this, you need to log into Facebook (or download your friends in CSV format and upload them to the app), then you need to link them to your contacts to download. The app is a bit slow, but while working it works more or less.

comfortable – Contact Sync

Set the contact photo

What if you’d rather use a WhatsApp or LinkedIn contact’s profile picture? As we mentioned before, it’s not a process that can be automated now (unless you have root), but Set Contact Photo has figured out how to make it happen with a little help from you. In other words, it is not an automatic process.

The app shows you your contacts, and in each of them you will find buttons to access their profile on WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Viber or Instagram, then you can take a screenshot with the built-in tool to crop the profile picture. It is not a very elegant solution, but a functional one.

Set the contact photo is primarily an app for identifying calls and blocking spam calls, although it can also keep your contacts synced and updated. You can link your Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and VKontakte accounts for this.

When it comes to contact sync, the truth is that the process works quite well and the process is comfortable to find mobile contacts in other social networks, with the advantage that the photos will be updated periodically. The bad news is that as soon as you uninstall the app, the magic will end, returning the contacts to their previous photo.

Sync.ME – Caller ID, unwanted call blocker and contacts

Contact the prefix fixer

If it bothers you that some of your contacts have an international prefix, other spaces between numbers and other parentheses before the prefixes, with Contact Prefix Fixer you will have peace of mind being able to process the contacts so that they follow. the same format.

This means that you can suddenly change an international prefix for another, or add it, if your contacts have been registered without any prefix. This can be useful if your carrier doesn’t recognize your calls if they don’t include the prefix or after you’ve moved or traveled.

Contact prefix corrector

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