Few tools exist on Android as powerful as Universal Android Debloater: with it, you can annihilate any application on your mobile, whether system or not. Erase, restore, free up space and even make the phone consume less: it is suitable for many brands. And recently it was updated with some remarkable news.

“Indie” developers, those who collaborate to make Android a much more open and varied system by creating ROMs and applications, have always been the basis that has contributed to the fact that mobile phones do not die when updates are made. day of the phones are over: if that’s the case enough I know for sure there’s a way to make it work. It is even possible to delete everything the brand integrates into the system, there is Universal Android Debloater.

Delete any app with Universal Android Debloater

The tool presented in this article is perfect for those who want to clean their phone from everything that consumes memory and battery and that, however, the owner of the mobile does not use. As the name suggests, Universal Android Debloater removes unnecessary software or “bloatware” from your phone. And it does it safely, in bulk, and with recommendations that help you know what to remove.

The tool’s developer, w1nst0n, recently updated it by uploading it to their GitHub so that anyone who wants to use it can do so without much hassle. It is valid for Windows, macOS and Linux computers, it is developed in open source, you can remove any application from the phone (this is how you have to be very careful) and it brings a lot of new things with the last version.

Added more compatible phones to predefined suppression lists. Including two new apps to be removed from Xiaomi phones. Better description in app packages that are not safe to remove. Added support for multiple devices. Universal Android Debloater lets you choose from the list of ADB connected Android devices. Improved operation to make it more stable and faster. The change log is saved daily so you don’t lose track of deleted and restored apps. Fixed some bugs found in the tool.

Universal Android Debloater is very good at killing all the apps you don’t want on your phone. It allows you to delete the installation of system applications, it is perfect for saving space and can lighten the consumption by deleting applications that consume battery without the owner of the phone needing them.

Universal Debloater can remove the apps you really need, it is also possible that your Android device stops working properly after using it. Act with great caution

As a warning, you should use Universal Android Debloater very carefully: if you delete something necessary for mobile, it might stop working.

More information | GitHub