The development of Apple Glass is becoming more and more obvious. We are no longer just talking about rumors, launch plans, sketches or concepts, we are talking about the fact that references to realityOS have been found in download logs to the App Store. An operating system that we could well see presented next June at WWDC.

An increasingly obvious development

Developer Steve Troughton-Smith posted a couple of screenshots regarding realityOS on Twitter a few hours ago. Some screenshots from dyld repository and app store download logs. According to the same developer, this confirms that Apple already has an operating system in place as well as binaries for it, and also confirms that it has a simulator for applications developed for realityOS.

It is very possible that at the next WWDC, which is due to take place in June, Apple will present the platforms for developers to start creating augmented/virtual reality applications. A ready-made version of Xcode would allow developers to start adapting their apps for a future Apple Glass, so they already have the software ready at launch.

It is presented publicly at WWDC or later, what is clear is that Apple is already testing and developing both the operating system and applications in-house. Recall that Bloomberg found traces of rOS in some versions of iOS 13 as early as 2017.

To know the final look of these future glasses, it is quite possible that we will still have to wait about a year, maybe a little more according to the latest rumors, but in terms of software and its capabilities, the news could come earlier than expected. . We will be attentive.

Picture | Stella Jacob