We don’t always have time to consume video content, it’s a fact, because you have to be careful with your phone screen, keep it on, so resorting to audio seems to be a good alternative. That’s why now we’re going to show you some ways to convert video to MP3 on Android so that we can put on our headphones and not miss a thing.

This is a really neat trick to convert those discussions you see on YouTube into private podcasts, if the creators haven’t done it themselves, or to distribute other types of content. We’ll show you a few methods, from using apps to convert videos you already have on your phone to audio, to websites so you can convert that YouTube video you want to take everywhere to MP3. And this is not only valid for podcasts, but also for music and other formats.

Convert video to mp3 via app

If there’s anything Google Play has, it’s a variety of options, and when we look for an app to convert videos to audio files, we come across a huge number of alternatives in all shapes and colors. But here we are going to recommend a very specific one with a name that leaves no doubt. We are talking about ‘Video to MP3 Converter’ and it is on Google Play completely free with ads, although we have a paid alternative to become Pro users which will not be very useful for what we are looking for.

‘Video to MP3 Converter’, one of the best applications to extract audio from our video files

Once we install ‘Video to MP3 Converter’ on our mobile phone and open it, we find that it offers us a series of options such as making cuts, merges and others, but the one that we are interested in is the first: ‘Video to audio’. We touch it and the application will ask us for permission to access the videos saved on our mobile phone. We won’t need to go folder by folder because the app will search to display them all in a grid, whether they are in the downloads folder, in the WhatsApp folder, in the Telegram folder, whatever or.

There is no point in increasing the audio quality of “bad” videos, keep this in mind so as not to increase the weight

Now we select the video we want to convert and press. We appear in a window that allows us to make some minor changes, some adjustments, but the key is in the drop-down menus below. There we must select MP3 or the format that interests us, and depending on which we choose we will have more options in the drop-down menu on the right. If optamos por MP3, por ejemplo, la app nos ofrece calidades, cada uno que elija que más le interese aunque recordad que si el vídeo descargado o recorded tiene mal calidad, elegir un formato superior sólo aumentará el tamaño del audio, no la calidad of the same.

Once done, click on convert and that’s where ‘Video to MP3 Converter’ will show us advertising if we don’t pay users. We wait for it to finish or we close it when the X appears, and that’s it, the audio will be converted. From this same window we can open or share it, or simply exit if we prefer to leave it stored on our phone and continue converting other files. We already have the video converted to audio and if we want we can already delete the video to save space on the phone. Very simple.

Video to MP3 Converter – mp3 music from videos

Convert video to MP3 via webpage

We will start by talking about how to convert YouTube video to MP3, perhaps one of the most requested searches to get the audio of popular songs and programs, youtuber talks, video recorded podcasts and others. All this without the need to download it, directly from a web page. All you have to do is locate the video you want to convert and the process will end with an audio file downloaded to your phone.

There are many options for this, but in my particular case I have a favorite, YTmp3. We can find it in ytmp3.cc and its operation couldn’t be simpler. In the field that it offers us, we place the address of the YouTube video (we can access it by sharing the YouTube video from the application and selecting the copy link) and the next thing is to convert it. The page will think for a few seconds and then offer us a download link. Done, we have already converted any YouTube video to audio file. And if what we want is also to have the video, just change “MP3” to “MP4” under the address change and that’s it, the downloaded video. It’s easy.

The YTmp3 form is very simple. Paste URL, convert to audio.

Other well-known websites are Youtube3MP3 and Flvto. Both work similarly. Once we have the URL or address of the YouTube video we want to convert, we just have to paste the link in the bar of one of these websites and click on ‘Download’. End, another simple process very similar to the one we showed you with YTmp3. The same happens if we go to Snaptube, which also allows us to download videos from social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo or VEVO.

Snaptube not only allows us to download audio from YouTube: also from Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.

Finally, we show you the web version of the first thing we show you, the web version to extract audio from a video that we have downloaded or stored on our phone. It’s a slower process than using an app because we have to download the video from the internet and then download the audio, but it’s just as useful. Here we will work with the 123apps video to audio converter found at this address: Audio Converter.

123apps online audio converter

Here we find a fairly simple form with an “Open Files” button to select the video from our phone’s storage (we can also connect Google Drive or Dropbox if we have the video in the cloud). Then we select the audio format we want among those available (from MP3 to OGG), then its quality and that’s it, we click on ‘Convert’. The web will take the video from our phone and return an audio file to download. As simple although, as we said, slower than if we installed an application.