There are fewer and fewer encounters with the successors to the Realme 8 and Realme 8 Pro; in fact, the company itself has confirmed that the 9 series will arrive in Spain that same month of February. In addition to the leaks that are emerging around the Realme 9 Pro and Realme 9 Pro+, the Chinese manufacturer is causing a stir among its followers with the confirmation of some details about its future phones.

For example, he has already announced that both models will make the leap to 5G connectivity and the Realme 9 Pro+ will be the first terminal in Europe to mount the MediaTek Dimensity 920. Now, in addition, he has published some images that show us his design, a design that Realme claims changes color with sunlight through a dual-layer photochromic process.

Changes from blue to red under sunlight or ultraviolet light

Realme has unveiled the design of the Realme 9 Pro, which will be the first smartphones in Europe with a shell that changes color depending on the light falling on it. And we say “in Europe” because the Vivo V23 and V23 Pro already have this “chameleon” function, but they have not left the Asian market.

As indicated by the brand, the color change on the back is found in the “Sunrise Blue” version of the Realme 9 Pro and Realme 9 Pro+. In either case, the back cover changes from blue to red in five seconds under sunlight or UV light, and back to blue when protected from light.

To achieve this effect on the back, Realme explains, they carried out more than 200 tests with organic photochromic (OCA) materials, “altering” the molecular structure so that the material changes color and quickly returns to the original thanks to a photochromic process. double layer One of these organic layers is made up of photochromic lenses and glass to provide viscosity and increase the color rendering rate by 40%.

Apart from the color change, Realme has confirmed that the Series 9 is only 7.99mm thick and weighs 182g. At the moment there is no official date for its presentation, but the manufacturer assures that it will take place “in the next few days” and that Europe will be the first market where its Realme 9 Pro will arrive.