The two rappers Uriya Rosenman and Sameh Zakout want to start a social movement with their song on the prejudices between Jews and Israeli Arabs.

Tel Aviv (dpa) – With a rap song about the stereotypes and prejudices common between Jewish and Arab Israelis, the two artists Uriya Rosenman and Sameh Zakout achieved viral success in Israel.

Released shortly after the unrest and clash between the two population groups ended in May, “Parlons frankly” struck a chord in society.

Rosenman (31), who comes from a Zionist family, and Zakout (37), whose family experienced the flight and displacement of Palestinians after the founding of the State of Israel, want to encourage their listeners to do so. in the face of their own prejudices. Your hope is to spark a new social movement, said Rosenman of the German news agency in Tel Aviv. “We can’t change the past, but we can at least raise awareness. We’re trying to sow some doubt and create an open mind. “

“I think Israelis and Palestinians should learn that you have to listen first, even if you disagree or hear something that makes you uncomfortable,” Zakut added. “Listen more and talk less, that’s all.”