Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II is now 9 years old. The full jubilee of the Queen’s reign will be celebrated in 202. Earlier Britain’s top secret plan was leaked to the media. An inquiry has been ordered into the release of photos of a rehearsal for Britain’s Queen’s funeral.
What should be planned on the day Rani, who is now 3 years old, died? How will the entire incident be presented to the world? When will the event take place? How will the funeral be done? How will the coffin be transported and how long will it take? Operation London Bridge was launched in Britain to determine this.
The news of the Queen’s death will first be given to the Prime Minister over the phone. The Prime Minister will address the nation on the first day. The new King, King Charles, will also address the nation. On the second, third, fourth day everything is settled. The Queen’s funeral will take place on the 10th day after her death.
The details of the operation have been leaked to the media. Photos of the funeral rehearsal leaked. It also sparked speculation on social media that the British Queen’s condition was critical. It is reportedly called D-Day.
An inquiry has been ordered into the action. The royal family has also expressed displeasure over the issue in front of government officials. Officially the government or the royal family declined to comment on the issue.