If there is a Samsung Smart TV in your house, it means that in addition to many of its functions, it is also compatible with most music streaming services such as Spotify, Tidal or Apple Music. In its ranks now comes Qobuz, which has made its way into services that offer music in high resolution.

Qobuz’s high resolution remains a mystery on TVs

Among its projects, the French company of the same name offers high-resolution music, a service similar to that of Tidal or Amazon Music HD. In this way, it allows you to play streaming audio up to 24-bit and 192kHz.

Now its technology comes in the form of an app for Samsung smart TVs, although it remains to be confirmed whether the high-resolution music option will reach TVs as well.

Georges Fornay, Deputy CEO of Qobuz explains the following about his arrival on Samsung televisions:

“An app for smart TVs was a frequent request from our subscribers, so it made sense to develop one for the bigger ones first. ”

This service is available in many European countries, including Spain, as well as in the United States and Australia. During this month we will see this app in the ‘Editor’s Pick’ of the Galaxy Store.

Qobuz offers both individual and family subscriptions, with prices ranging from 12.50 euros to 29.17 euros per month. In addition to your music in high resolution FLAC format, you also have original editorial content. For anyone who wants to try this service, they have a free month trial.

Via | Flat screens HD