The smart TV market continues to grow and for some time new players have been onboarded. Alongside the big brands that we all know, others are now arriving such as Huawei, Xiaomi, OnePlus or the one that concerns us now, Nokia, which is launching four new models.

The former leading mobile phone maker has launched four new smart TVs with 4K resolution and QLED panels. It’s essentially the same TV but with different diagonals, so they all share nearly the same specs. Features that we will now review.

Same model, four different sizes

The new range comes in 43, 55, 58 and 70 inch diagonals. A family of televisions with QLED panels and Quantum Dots technology capable of offering 4K resolution (3,840 x 2,160 pixels). These models are compatible with Dolby Vision content in addition to HDR10. They also offer built-in 36-watt stereo speakers.

These models have an 8ms response time, making them great models to use for gaming despite lacking HDMI 2.1 and therefore not supporting 120Hz, ALLM, or VRR. The set is powered by a QuadCore processor supported by 1.5 GB of RAM and comes with 8 GB of storage space.

These models incorporate a triple tuner and are SatCR compatible to connect up to eight receivers with a SatCR LNB. In addition and as a curiosity, the remote control has a backlit keyboard that facilitates its use when we use it in the dark.

They have Android TV as their operating system, so all compatible apps that can be found in the Google Play Store can be used. These models also have a built-in Chromecast so you can stream wirelessly from your mobile or tablet.

On the connection side, they offer three HDMI ports (including one ARC), two USB ports and a LAN socket. We don’t have, yes HDMI eARC. You can’t miss Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity or support for voice control via Google Assistant.

Price and availability

The new Nokia TVs will arrive with a starting price of 649 euros for the 43-inch model. The 55-inch will cost 849 euros, the 58-inch 899 euros and the 70-inch 1,499 euros.

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