Strip soul, tearful revelations, loud cries: the participants of the RTL jungle camp are on the gas. Already the first weekend of the show “I am a star, get me out of here” (IBES) the very heavy guns of reality TV were mentioned.

Jasmin Herren, Willi’s widow, announced a hit ballad about her husband and knew abysmal and allegedly criminal reports. And Janina Youssefian, known as the ‘carpet slut’, has cleared up a myth from pop history: sex with a famous man who made her famous didn’t happen on a carpet at all , but “on the cutting table”. Tabloid history may have to be largely rewritten.

Harald Glööckler opened up about his difficult childhood, his marriage, which is currently in trouble, and said he knew at the age of six that he found men more exciting than women, but he didn’t. had ever spoken: “I didn’t see the need for it and thought that If you don’t understand now, I can’t help you either.”

And between Youssefian and Filip Pavlovic there was a scandal over whether they could swap places to sleep – even though he called her his “favorite slut” when he moved in. After being bitten by a tick, Youssefian did not see himself in a position to exchange and also knew how to let it be known: “Man, I have tick fever right now. What’s wrong with your sparrow brain?”

However, Pavlovic seems to have already redistributed his preferences and shifted them to ‘Austria’s most famous woman’, Tara Tabitha. Is there a threat from the first romance in the jungle?

First test for Anouschka Renzi

In any case, the jungle promises a lot after the Corona break. But you also have to, as Glööckler put it and rightly formulated it as an attitude towards the contestants of the show, which is repeatedly criticized as too boring or too redundant: “You can’t tell when a bad opera is played: opera the house is not good.” He then tested the potential of this year’s season, even spoke of a powder keg and said: “The fuse is lit.”

What else happened: Anouschka Renzi was the first to be chosen by the spectators in the jungle event and obtained four stars in her challenge of water and scary critters (crocodiles, toads, snakes, crabs and frogs) entitled “Aqualium”. However, she was not re-elected for the next exam – perhaps also thanks to her respectable performance.

In the first round, fates like that of Sarah “Dingens” or Larissa Marolt, who were ruthlessly chosen over and over again by the spectators after screaming and one or another panic attack, are usually decided.

Thus, for Renzi, this means: danger identified, danger avoided. In the Sunday night edition, it should be the turn of the argumentative ex-candidate of the “Bachelor” and the jungle of this year in naked in “Playboy”, Linda Nobat (“I hate people who stink”) – and Youssefian, the slut from the cutting table, who female dogs on ticks.

In its 15th season, RTL’s jungle will be produced in South Africa and no longer in Australia after a Corona break last year – for the first time in the cult show’s history. That’s why RTL gave its celebrities local warthog testicles instead of the famous kangaroo testicles in the first jungle test.

Eleven instead of twelve candidates are there because Lucas Cordalis, the son of the legendary first king of the jungle Costa Cordalis, is still in isolation after a corona infection. If and when he can still move in the camp remained open the first weekend of the show.

Less interest from viewers than before

Before the start of the jungle camp and the new edition of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”, media industry services had spoken of a weekend of truth for RTL and its linear television program with Florian Silbereisen at the instead of Dieter Bohlen.

And the truth was rosier – also for “IBES”. Just under 4.6 million viewers watched the camp contestants’ entrance on Friday night. In the last regular issue, the 14th season two years ago, there were still a good 6 million, and five years ago it was even around 7.4 million. Saturday evening, with 4.05 million viewers, it was even less than at the start.

Incidentally, the RTL classic is to be broadcast on the next two Thursdays at 8:15 p.m. in the first prime time. It’s daring, because it puts the “jungle” in competition with the ProSieben formats “The Masked Dancer” and “Germany’s Next Topmodel”, which are also popular with young viewers. (dpa)