Wolfgang Krüger in conversation with Nicole Dittmer

The pandemic offers enough material for Zoff among friends and family: masks, vaccinations, outings and many other arguments. (picture alliance / dpa-tmn | Christin Klose)

Opinions are divided on the vaccination against Covid-19, and there may be arguments between friends about it. When it comes to this topic, everyone has their own position, explains psychotherapist Wolfgang Krüger: “There are hardly any opportunities to exchange ideas.

Covid vaccination – yes or no? For some people it is still a matter of faith, which is why we in Germany now have more vaccines than people who want to be vaccinated. But friendships can also go into crisis on this issue.

American actress Jennifer Aniston is a prime example. She doesn’t want to surround herself with people who don’t want to be vaccinated against Covid-19. “There is still a large group of people who oppose vaccinations or who do not want to listen to the facts.” She just lost a few people in her “weekly routine” who refused to be vaccinated or who did not disclose if they were vaccinated.

Health versus self-determination

“When it comes to Corona, we really lose our sense of humor and understanding,” says psychological psychotherapist and author Wolfgang Krüger, “and that divides friendships because these are values ​​that are worthwhile. to be lived. “

One side says it’s about health, the other says it’s about freedom, self-determination. At this point there is hardly any understanding, because now Corona almost has the rank of a certain ideology, where you cannot speak, cannot convince, but everyone has their position.

Krüger warns against a society “in which we no longer communicate”. In uncertain times like today, people developed a castle car mentality and surrounded themselves with others who held similar views on existential questions: “We are retiring.”

He has personally found the rule not to discuss Corona with friends at all: “With a lot of friends, I don’t even know what their opinion is.”

Corona is unfortunately an increasingly ideologized subject, “where we have the experience that there are hardly any bridges and opportunities to really exchange ideas”.

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