Developing an autonomous driving system requires data and experience which then translates into better driving algorithms. As part of Project Titan, Apple has dozens of self-driving cars in California collecting information and serving as support for the development team of the future Apple Car, support which is now increasing with even more drivers.

The most tangible proof of the future Apple Car

Rivers of ink have flowed on the Apple Car, we have seen it in the patents, we have heard it, very in passing, in certain comments of Tim Cook, but among all this the most palpable proof of the future Apple Car is the deployment of self-driving cars that Apple has in California. A fleet that gains new members and an additional car.

According to macReports (via MacRumors), Apple currently has 69 self-driving cars and 92 drivers. This means that since last May, Apple has added a new car to the roster and also 16 drivers to the team.

In general, each car has two drivers, the one who takes care of the safety of the vehicle and the one who is in charge of monitoring data collection and other parameters. So, with more drivers, who need to take regular breaks, Apple will be able to get the most out of its 69 cars. Cars which, let’s remember, have striking LiDAR sensors on top, although they bear no reference to Apple.

Year after year, Apple increases the number of kilometers driven, the number of tests, the fleet and the equipment. Official figures also show a clear development. If in 2019 the autonomous system was disconnected on average once every 230 kilometers in 2020 this number has been reduced to one disconnection every 188 kilometers. Figures that bring us closer to an Apple Car still distant.

Image | Steven binotto