Samsung continues to develop the potential of its mobiles and if we already know the update dates to One UI 4.0 and therefore to Android 12, it is now time to focus on an application that the company has launched for better. take advantage of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra camera. It’s Expert RAW.

The application for the camera which is preloaded in Samsung mobiles is already quite complete and with Expert RAW they want it even easier for demanding users to exploit the photographic possibilities of their mobile by offering the possibility take RAW photos and activate Pro mode with secondary sensors.

Pro mode to all cameras

Samsung Expert RAW is a tool that for now is born limited, since it can only be installed on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and also requires One UI 4.0 with Android 12. The advantage is that this model has started to receive the new operating system from Google or is about to do so depending on the market.

Galaxy Expert RAW
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Supported in S21U on Android 12 or above.

Linear 16-bit DNG raw, lossless JPEG, HDR, ISO, shutter speed, EV, manual focus, white balance, histogram, UW, wide, tele (3x), tele (10x) pic.twitter lens. com / 6VSuDQo9tE

– Tron ❂ (@FrontTron) November 24, 2021

Expert RAW aims to improve performance when using the secondary lenses of the S21 Ultra. The main sensor already allows you to shoot in RAW and now with this application you can unlock the possibilities of Pro mode for wide angle and optical zoom.

With the pro mode for the secondary lenses they will be compatible with HDR, you will be able to set values ​​such as ISO, shutter speed, white values, focus … the same thing that until now can be done with the main objective. Along with these improvements, you can also access histogram and generate JPG images without data loss and in RAW format.

The app will arrive via the Galaxy Store, although for now it is not available or at least in my case it does not appear. If you’d like to try it out before Samsung officially announces it and you’re interested, @FrontTron has made available an APK which can be downloaded from this link.

Via | Android Authority