One of the first Macs to adopt the arrival of Apple Silicon was the Mac mini, but in a somewhat particular way. The design of the computer has not changed despite the fact that the internal electronics require much less space, which clearly shows that a future redesign of this Mac mini 2022 can be much smaller.

When will this revamp arrive? Well, we don’t know, but there are already clues about him and he could pop up as a surprise anytime this year. So let’s gather everything we know about this redesigned Mac mini in one place.

What design will the new Mac mini 2022 have?

As for the design, we only have one clue: the renders you can see in the image above and in the header, which show a smaller Mac mini and a legacy power connector from the iMac with the M1 chip.

Although its dimensions are smaller, we would continue with a generally rectangular shape, and with the power button located on the back.

What features will the new Mac mini have?

In Prosser’s own renders, we can see that the Mac mini would retain many of the ports that the current model has, including HDMI output and a regular USB-A port or two. We would also have a gigabit Ethernet port and up to four USB-C/Thunderbolt ports, which would double the current number.

The biggest doubt lies in the chips: the current generation of the Mac mini has an M1 chip, and depending on the time of the presentation, this new model could have this same M1 in a base model or an M2 as expected with the next MacBook Air . Higher-end configurations could also have an M1 Pro chip or even an M1 Max chip, given that these are chips that fit perfectly in a MacBook Pro. It all depends on Apple’s vision for its smallest computer of office.

How much will the new Mac mini cost?

Again, it depends on the approach Apple wants to take with the new model. But if they want to maintain their popularity as a cheap desktop computer, we could have a price like the current one of 799 euros or maybe something higher than 899 euros (this usually happens with redesigns). The highest configurations can easily reach 2,000 euros or more, depending on the storage and the power of the chip we choose.

I do not exclude that the current model with the M1 chip is still on sale with some kind of discount, as an even cheaper option. And of course, it would still be a good computer considering how powerful this chip is.

When will the new Mac mini be released?

Another point where the unknown is very wide. At the moment, no one dares to predict a fixed launch date for the next-gen Mac mini, and we could see it at a spring event in March or even November. Mark Gurman only says “a few months”. So there’s a good chance we’ll see the new Mac mini in 2022, but who knows if it’s ultimately pushed back to 2023. There just aren’t enough leaks to make a firm bet, and rumors are limit themselves to saying that it is in progress.