US President Joe Biden has completed one year in the White House. But in just one year his popularity has declined. The survey found that only 4 percent of Americans are in favor of getting him re-elected. Most are not happy with their performance.
US President Joe Biden has completed one year in power. The accounting of his work has started in a year. Meanwhile, a poll by the Associated Press and the University of Chicago-affiliated research agency NORC found that most Americans are not happy with Biden’s performance.
According to the poll, only 3% of Americans want Biden to run for president again in 202. In addition, most citizens are unhappy with Biden’s performance. In previous elections, Biden had an acceptance rate of 5 percent. Biden’s rating had dropped to 90 percent during the time of unrest in Afghanistan. After this came a new wave of corona epidemic, whose rating fell to 5 percent. Now this percentage has become 9.
Corona, inflation, unemployment are the main reasons for displeasure. Biden didn’t create jobs as expected. The unemployment rate hasn’t changed much since the Trump era. The main reason for Trump’s anger was the management of Corona. Trump’s failure to control Corona turned his victory into defeat. Complaints have been raised that the management of Corona in the United States is still ineffective. Trump claimed that work would be done in that direction first, but American citizens were not happy with his performance.