Google Duo supports video calls with up to 32 participants, but lacks some advanced features useful in large video conferences. Two of them are said to be on the way, as revealed by the APK code for the latest version: the recording of calls and workgroups, or Breakout Rooms.

Google Duo wants to be something more than the simple video call application that comes to Android mobiles, and it will start to improve its more productive profile, in addition to starting to tread the ground of Google Meet. The APK text strings, discovered by XDA, clearly indicate that the company is working on workgroup integration, call recording and streaming.

A more productive Google Duo

Last year there were rumors that Google Duo and Google Meet might end up merging, although later it looks like instead of a merger we’d have a somewhat different outcome: Google would focus on Google Meet business customers, which would adopt some features of Duo, such as the ability to add participants by phone number rather than by mail or with a link.

Surprisingly, it seems to be going the other way as well: Google Duo seems to be adopting some features from Google Meet, adding further mystery to the plot. The clues are hidden in the APK version 159.0.425779378 of the app, being a bit more specific than previously rumored.

Specifically, the text strings in the APK make it clear that Google Duo would allow working groups (or breakout rooms) to be created for the app. This feature is for creating smaller groups within a video call with many participants. For example, in a class videoconference, small groups could be created to solve different problems.

If confirmed, they would be Google Duo’s first big news since 2020

That wouldn’t be the only novelty on the way. It also seems pretty clear that Google is working on including recording and streaming in Google Duo video conferencing. These features are also present in Google Meet (as well as many video calling apps such as Zoom).

Given that Google Duo hasn’t had much news lately (the last one was Screen Sharing, two years ago), the news is surprising, especially with rumors circulating that Duo might end by merging with Meet. Of course, we will have to see how the thing ends: the clues found show that Google is working to include the functions, but they could still fall through. Through | XDA