Google is the king of online advertising and of course many of its services are offered for free in exchange for seeing or hearing advertisements on them from time to time. This is the case with YouTube, the video streaming service which in turn offers different payment plans integrated with YouTube Premium.

These payment plans have a cap of 11.99 euros per month for individual accounts and Youtube Music is also included for the same price. YouTube now presents a new ‘Premium Lite’ mode which allows you to remove ads only from YouTube at the price of the student package: 6.99 euros per month.

Youtube Lite for 6.99 euros per month

The new payment tier for YouTube was first seen via Reddit in the dedicated YouTube thread, and was initially only available for Finland and Sweden. But the new payment plan is already available in other regions like, for example, Spain, and thanks to the platform’s own announcement, we can know where it is positioned compared to the rest of the payment plans. .

The new “Lite” plan is placed as an alternative to the current individual plan, except that this new payment plan only includes the YouTube video platform, excluding YouTube Music, which is a alternative to Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Prime Music and others. As for the price, it joins the 6.99 euros of the student package, although the latter includes the removal of music ads.

For 6.99 euros per month, the new YouTube Premium ‘Lite’ or individual allows us to remove all YouTube ads with monthly payment and, yes, without the possibility of the free trial that exists in the rest of the plans. Unlike the student plan, this new individual plan does not require any type of identification or validation and anyone can hire it.

So now we have the following YouTube Premium payment plans:

Individual: 11.99 euros per month with a trial month. Goodbye ads on Youtube and Youtube Music. Family: 17.99 euros per month with a trial month. Goodbye ads on Youtube and Youtube Music up to 5 members. Student: 6.99 euros per month with a trial month for students who meet the requirements of the platform. Goodbye ads on Youtube and Youtube Music. Individual ‘Lite’: 6.99 euros per month without a trial month. Goodbye ads only on Youtube.