Los Angeles Britney Spears has applied in court to be relieved of her father’s control. On Monday, her new lawyer asked Brittany’s father to be freed from control over her care and financial transactions and to appoint a professional accountant in her place.

In documents filed in a Los Angeles court, attorney Matthew Rosengart said the current legal system has become too toxic to its clients and is unlikely to last long. He proposed appointing CPA Jason Rubin as caretaker of the pop star’s estate in his father’s place. According to the documents, Brittany has a net worth of ₹500,000 in cash and ₹35 million in assets.

Rosengart said that any father loves his daughter and always makes decisions in her best interest. So they should hire highly reputed professionals in their place.

Brittany’s mother and James’ ex-wife also supported Rosengart’s statement, saying she had too much control over her health and that the decisions she made in 2012 and 2013 were harmful. Leanne Spears said that it is routinely scary for a father to keep a boy like a popstar in custody so much and make him feel like he is in custody.

James Spears relinquished control of his daughter’s life in 2012 as an alleged caregiver and conservationist, and the court-appointed professional pair of Montgomery retained control of her finances, though she retained control.