New Delhi, 24 August 2021, Tuesday

Pop star Arya Saeed, who fled Afghanistan after the establishment of the Taliban regime, has expressed her pain.

“Even though I am out of Afghanistan, I am concerned about the women living there,” she told the news agency. The Taliban has pushed us back 20 years. We have gone back to where we started.

“Pakistan is behind the Taliban. Pakistan used to train the Taliban. Their base camp is also in Pakistan,” Aryana said. I appeal to the world’s superpowers not to give funds to Pakistan..Because Pakistan promotes Taliban and terrorism with this money. Videos proving this have also surfaced over the years. In which Taliban can be seen in Pakistan. I am disappointed that our President Ashraf Ghani has fled us.

He said that the US has entered Afghanistan to eliminate organizations like Al Qaeda and Taliban. Millions of dollars have been spent and some soldiers have lost their lives and now all of a sudden America has retreated like this and left Afghanistan on its own. To drive out the Taliban from here, all the countries of the world need help.

“India has proved to be a good neighbor of Afghanistan,” the pop star said. India has always been a good friend. Ever since the Taliban took over Afghanistan, India has helped evacuate not only its own but also its Afghan citizens. I thank India.