United Nations, Tuesday 27 July 2021

The United Nations says that more doses of the corona vaccine will be available in the remaining half of 2021, but Rajasingham feels that the vaccine alone is not enough.

He stressed the need for international cooperation to ensure that vaccine doses reach the poorest and war-torn countries. For this, health workers should be recruited and trained, vehicles and security personnel should be deployed to deliver medicines to far-flung places and people. Rajasingham said that without an effective delivery system, vaccine doses are useless.

About half of the countries with humanitarian appeal have used less than 50 percent of the vaccine doses given to them. For example, the vaccine could not be delivered in South Sudan because people did not have the money to give it.

The Security Council was meeting in February to discuss the implementation of a resolution passed in February calling for a humane approach to immunization of people living in all war-torn areas. Vulnerable countries have not received enough vaccines since the resolution was passed, Rajasingham said, adding that not enough efforts are being made to end the coronavirus pandemic. Even more effort is required.