A reflection on the last “police call” with Charly Huebner

So this is the end! The bad guys are dead and Bukow is alive – one could hardly imagine better. But of course there is a catch: the insidious vigilante!

The NDR in charge of Rostock’s “Polizeiruf 110” made it particularly exciting with the current episode “None of us”. Even reporters were not allowed to watch the entire episode in advance on the station’s press portal – the ending was cut. It is normally common for journalists to anticipate so that they can put film reviews online and in print in advance or at the same time. But with the current “police call”, no one should know how Detective Alexander “Sascha” Bukow leaves us before the show’s official end. This is why this column has not been there since the thriller aired, but only now, so shortly after 10:30 p.m. After the movie ends at 9.45 p.m., you first have to come back and tap your finger on the keyboard.

The only thing that was clear was that Bukow would be leaving because his actor, Charly Huebner, had unfortunately announced that he wanted to quit the “police call”. The end is tragic and indulgent at the same time: Bukow is not shot down, but pulled from the track for miles. Hatred and feelings of revenge against his worst adversary, Zoran Subocek of the Rostock underworld, make him forget his police department: Bukow shoots Subocek – not out of self-defense, but so that this psychopath is finally out of the world. If Bukow has ever enjoyed working outside the law, he simply switches sides with this murder. Or go back to where he came from: his father was at home in the underworld.

The film takes up emotional states of emergency that we also find in our society: the occasional call for a self-defense justice. But how does Katrin König (Anneke Kim Sarnau) make Bukow, her colleague and almost husband, understand: how should self-defense justice continue? Especially since she made a similar mistake in the past: She had manipulated evidence in another case, which is why she and Bukow were now open to blackmail for Subocek in the new case. The king asks Bukow how things should be: he covers her, she covers him, then the next underworld emperor and the next police pistol murder? The movie shows: Once you step on the wrong side, the quagmire of the underworld shoots so much that it is no longer possible to escape safely. Bukow tears his foot off, but he can’t return to the station, and he doesn’t want to go to jail either – so he runs away. In Siberia, in a house of his late father. He wanted to clear up some things in his head. Yes, he should. König, on the other hand, remains in Rostock: the consequences to come will show whether she will surrender and confess that she and Bukow made a few too many mistakes, or whether she will remain silent and remain unclean with herself forever.