Plymouth police arrests and log for February 17 to February 21

<p><strong>Manomet man arrested on drug charge.</strong>&=


<p dir=3D”ltr”>A 24-year-old Fresh Pond Circle man was arrested durin=

g a drug bust at the Myles Standish Plaza on Samoset Street.</p>

<p dir=3D”ltr”>According to Capt. Bruce McNamee, a man was allegedly =

seen by detectives shooting heroin into his arm while sitting in a parked c=

ar. &#0160;When police approached the Jeep Cherokee they found four peo=

ple, as well as, allegedly, a variety of narcotics, needles and paraphernal=


<p>Four people were charged with various drug possession offenses, in=

cluding the Manomet resident who was charged with possession of a class A s=

ubstance. All the suspects were released on their own recognizance.<br /=



<br /><strong>February 17</strong><br />6:40 a.m. T=

raffic complaint on Route 3<br />9:26 a.m. Motor vehicle accident on =

Route 3<br />10:11 a.m. Breaking and entering on State Road<br /&g=

t;<em>Checks reportedly stolen from home.</em><br />10:52=

a.m. Suspicious activity on Route 3<br />4:44 p.m. Simple assault on=

Brigantine Circle<br /><em>Fight between two 14-year-old and 1=

0-year-old boys regarding the color of a bicycle.</em><br />5:4=

9 p.m. Traffic complaint on Route 3<br /><br />February 18<b=

r />3:38 p.m. Breaking and entering on Rabbit Pond Road<br /><e=

m>The owner of a boarded up cottage suspects it may have been broken int=

o. One window is broken and cans of food were found on the property. The co=

ttage has been closed for several years, so owner is not sure if damage is =

recent.</em><br /><br />February 19<br />7:12 a.m. =

Vandalism on Arboretum Road<br /><em>Caller says rude remark sp=

ray painted on her garage.</em><br />11:54 a.m. Suspicious acti=

vity on Long Pond Road<br /><em>A storage container at Plymouth=

South High School was reportedly open and football equipment tossed around=

the area.</em><br />1:48 p.m. Traffic complaint on Route 3<=

br />2:16 p.m. Animal complaint on Talia Way<br />3:12 p.m. Animal=

complaint on State Road<br />6:41 p.m. Gunshots on Kathleen Drive&lt=

;br /><br />February 20<br />12:59 a.m. Traffic complaint on=

Long Pond Road<br />8:27 a.m. Breaking and entering of a motor vehic=

le on Winthrop Road<br /><em>Two cars broken into at same addre=

ss. Caller said he always locks them, but there is no sign of forced entry.=

Cash was taken from both vehicles.</em><br />8:46 a.m. Suspici=

ous activity on Sea View Drive<br /><em>Change stolen from unlo=

cked car.</em><br />9:00 a.m. Larceny on Woodsong<br />&l=

t;em>Two water heaters were stolen from a construction site.</em>&=

lt;br />9:54 a.m. Motor vehicle accident on Long Pond Road



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