The Apple Watch is a device that helps us communicate, stay fit and take care of our health. And also play, yes, not simple games but a whole Prince of Persia. It’s a trick that involves Safari’s WebKit even though we don’t strictly have the browser on the Apple Watch.

A prince of Persia on your wrist

The Apple Watch screen has already grown twice, measuring 41mm and 45mm on the Apple Watch Series 7. You might consider this model now that you know the original Prince of Persia can be played. Yeah, that 1992 game that was available for the Macintosh back when you were leveling the character.

How come this legendary game can be played on such a small screen and device, you might be wondering. No, a seasoned developer didn’t create an Apple Watch app with the Prince of Persia inside. It is a version of Java included in a web page.

There is a little trick to pass the levels via the browser URL if you don’t feel able to progress

The page that has the original PoP is this one, and to play it on your Apple Watch you’ll need to copy the link and send it to yourself via iMessage. You can do this from a Mac, iPhone, or iPad, or ask someone with an Apple product to do it if you don’t have it handy. An e-mail is also sufficient if you do not want a problem. You will receive the link on your Apple Watch and just tap on it to start this amazing game.

You can now spend the 60 minutes of the timer trying to save the princess from your watch. Because the controls are also adapted to touch screens (it’s not easy, really). Who was going to tell you that thirty years later you would play Prince of Persia again from an Apple Watch?